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Welcome to Seapaws


Welcome to our webpage, during the summer we hope to complete a revamp of the whole site; however please be patient as we complete the work.

SEAPAWS is a family breeders, we have two studs (Smokey and Bardsey) and a breeding queen (Topaz); our original Queen (Whisper) has now retired and is living the life of luxury as the matriarch. Smokey and Topaz are her son and daughter.

We generally just have a single litter a year and the kittens are ready to rehome in November/December; our studs are available all year round and ready to peform!

Our kittens are raised inside and are bred as family friendly pets, there are kids, other cats and the general bustle of a family home; our kittens are definitely pampered but not primadonnas.

Thanks for visiting our website and should you have any enquires please contact us.

NEWS (July 6th 2016): Topaz is expecting kittens in August, we will post updates when the kittens are born.





















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