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Unfortunately Cocoa passed away on 17th October 2010



It is with regret that we have to say Cocoa finally succumbed to the many illnesses that had taken hold. Despite having a large tumour removed in 2009 she continued to soldier on, still willing to chase a ping pongl ball across the carpet and still telling us what she wanted for her meal, she could talk!!!!

In recent weeks she had started to lose weight and her coat had begun to deteriorate, a recent visit to the vet and further course of steroids did nothing to improve her condition and by Saturday 16th October it became clear her end was close. She finally succumbed on the morning of Sunday 17th October 2010.

Cocoa joined us a very timid kitten with her sister, Nutmeg, aged about 8 months we first saw them at the RSPCA centre in Bath and the tortoise shell markings looked lovely. We brought them both home and watched with Dismay as both disappeared under the kitchen cupboard and didn't come out for another 6 weeks! Eventually our persistence paId off and both cats would eventually come close to stroke, they were so scared of people it makes you wonder how they had previously been treated!

Cocoa remained timid and would always be hiding under the bed or on "Cocoa's chair" under the dining table. Evenings would see her venture on to the back of the sofa where she would gently snore in your ears! As she began to ail, evening times would see her curl up next to you and she could easily be used as an arm rest; her loud snoring signalling her contentment.

We hope Cocoa was happy to spend her time with us and we were happy to be allowed to be her "owners"

RIP Cocoa



Sea Princess
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