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We have entered Adatesh Kishi Mojin in several shows in 2009 with some great results. These results, with some judges critiques, are listed here.

Short Haired Cat Society 10th January 2009

3rd Open Class

Mrs Prowse "Blue baby of good shape and size and well grown for her age. Cobby body standing on short strong legs. Head is round with good width between ears which are small and rounded. Eyes are round, well opened with colour still developing as they are muddy brown at the moment. Short straight and broad nose. Cheeks filling with firm chin. Good bite. Coat is a medium blue and unsound. It is short, dense and crisp. Tail medium in length with rounded tip."


Lancashire Cat Club 14th March 2009

3rd         Open Class                 

2nd        British Self Kitten
3rd         British Kitten
3rd         British Novice Kitten

Mrs Prowse "Blue kitten of excellent size and shape.  Cobby and compact showing good depth to her body. Round head with good width between small rounded ears. Large round deep copper eyes that are nicely spaced. Nose is short broad and straight. Level bite. Cheeks need to fill and she is a little muzzly at present. Coat is a medium shade of blue; it is a little unsound at the moment near the roots and is showing silver tipping which is permissible in kittens. Coat is long, dense and soft in texture at this time, rather than crisp. Tail is medium in length and thick with a rounded tip".


Preston and Blackpool Cat Club 28th March 2009

1st         Open Class
Best of Breed

1st         British Self Kitten
1st         Short Haired Novice Kitten

Mrs Perkins "Super little British blue youngster, balanced type, excellent coat for age – lively lass."

Merseyside Cat Club
6th June 2009

1st         Open Class

1st         British Kitten not bred by Exhibitor
1st         British Kitten aged 6mths – 9mths
1st         British Limit Kitten
1st         Special Anniversary Class – British Kitten



Sea Princess
Short Haired Cat Society Show January 2009