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Kungsholm (1966-1979) Sea Princess (1979-1995) Victoria (1995-2002) Mona Lisa (2002-Present)


The Sea Princess is a ship that holds very special memories for both us, as we both served onboard as Officers. She is a traditional style of passenger ship with beautiful lines designed for the North Atlantic liner trade. Built at John Browns on the Clyde for Swedish American Lines, originally named Kungsholm she entered service on the Gothenburg-New York run. She remained on this run until 1975 when Swedish American Line dissolved and she was sold to Flagship Cruises.


She remained with Flagship Cruises until she was purchsed by P&O Cruises in 1978, she was modified with the addition of additional passenger deck and cabins. At this time her looks were changed when the forward (dummy) funnel was cropped and the rear funnel extended. With her purchase by P&O she was renamed Sea Princess and relocated to Australia.

Sea Princess

From 1981 through to 1991 she was switched between P&O Cruises and susidiary Princess Cruises, her funnel colouring alternating between the buff of P&O and Sea Witch of Princess Cruises. Below she is shown in Princess Cruises livery alongside in Los Angeles.

In 1991 she returned to P&O Cruises and began cruising the Mediterranean from Southampton. In 1995 she was renamed Victoria to release the Sea Princess name for a Princess Cruises newbuild.

An extensive refit in 1997 extended her life beyond 30 years and she remained with P&O Cruise until 2002 when she was sold to a German cruise company, Holiday Kreuzfahrten and renamed Mona Lisa, she mainly undertook Black Sea cruises. in 2006 following the failure of Holiday Kreuzfahrten she was briefly chartered by Royal Caribean Cruise Line for the 2007 season. In late 2007 and 2008 she was employed as the Scholar Ship and for 2008/9 she is the Peace Boat. In the last few months rumour has emerged that an Swedish entrepenuer plans to permanently moor her in Gothenburg as a hotel and conference facility.

For a tour of Sea Princess/Victoria please visit this website which has some lovely photographs from her days as Kungsholm and then Sea Princess and Victoria.



mv Victoria
mv Victoria (ex Sea Princess, Kungsholm)

mv Victoria (ex Sea Princess, Kungsholm)