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Adatesh Kishi Mojin, or Whisper, was born on 8th September 2009 to Colby and Baloo at Wellicats, she was one of a litter of two. As soon as we saw her we all fell in love with her and couldn't wait to bring her home. She has an excellent pedigree which can be seen here......


Kishi Mojin is the Goddess of Easy Childbirth and Parenting although the goddess does have a chequered history, she came good in the end. Read More.....

We have entered her into several cat shows and she has obtained good results and judges critiques. Further details are here......

As Whisper has grown up she has matured into a lovely cat with a great temperament, she is lively and active but is still very content to be held and cuddled; I reckon that she doesn't need legs as their is always somebody around to pick her up!